Our company is engaged in professional design, manufacture and wholesale of jewellery with gemstone, K-gold, palladium,and gold inlaid with jade etc. We now have 3 factories of manufacturing suchinda, K-gold and inlay products. After the development for more than a decade, we have successfully become one of the most reputable jewellery manufacturers in Mainland China.

As one of Shenzhen's training centers of high-skilled talents , our company has built up a professional team which has more than 1000 employees, and includes over 100 talents of Design and R&D. Our senior management level possesses rich industry knowledge, management skills and experience. Besides, in order to maintain our production lines with international standards, the company put huge investment into importing hi-tech machinery from different countries. In particular, our equipment for manchine-made chains is set up with all imported components and parts and is leading the industry in terms of both its production scale and quality. Today, our company is one of the industry leaders with our renowned hi-technology, production scales, product quality and etc.

Our company consider creativity as the initiative for expansion and competition. With continuous supports from our government, we build up a public platform for sharing various technologies for the industry. The platform serves as a fundamental basis for developing new precious metal materials, new production techniques, as well as soldering technologies for precious metals. Furthermore, our company has actually set up leading standards for the industry and participated in building up national and municipal standards for jewellry industry. For years, the company has made remarkable achievements. We are the 1st to create jewellery with palladium, colored palladium in the world. Our technology for machine-made chains is always keeping ahead in the industry, and our unique design of color gemstones and jade inlaying gold with unique cultural connotation earns high reputation from our customers.

The mission of our company is "Pursuit of Excellence, Perfection of Quality". Our company has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18000 occupational safety & health management system certification, and maintains high standard of product quality and customer satisfaction. Our company has become the international palladium Association designated producer.

The primary target of our company is Customers' Satisfaction. We are eager to meet our customers' requirements and respond to their needs promptly. More importantly, we are always keeping our promises, and assisting in the development of our customers.. Nowadays, our customers come from different places of the world and we build up our overseas market gradually.

" Professional, Focus and Keep moving ahead" , our company is contributing to manufacturing elaborate and fashional jewelrys which posess traditional Chinese culture. In the pathway to professionalization and internationalization, the Gemhorn people will always keep pursuit of inovation and excellence, and aspire to be the world-leading jewllery manufacturer.